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IGIS Map Converter

Convert GIS/CAD file Online

Convert GIS / CAD files online without using complex and Enterprise Software like ArcGIS, QGIS, AutoCAD etc. Just Drag or upload your files from Your system or Access the files from Google Drive or Dropbox and get the work done.

Conversions IGISMAP Support

  • KML to SHP
  • SHP to KML
  • GML to KML
  • SHP to CSV
  • DXF to SHP
  • GeoJSON to TopoJSON
  • TopoJSON to GeoJSON
  • Shapefile to TopoJSON
  • TopoJSON to Shapefile
  • Shapefile to GeoJSON
  • KML to KMZ
  • CSV to SHP
  • TAB to KML
  • KMZ to GPX
  • GPX to KML
  • NetCDF to GeoTIFF
  • GRD to GeoTIFF
  • OSM to PBF
  • And many More

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