• How do I get a free trial?

    Every new user is given 30 days Free Trial of Premium subscription plan. Signing up for IGIS Map starts the free trial of Premium subscription plan. During this trial period you can use full functionality of IGIS Map tool as mentioned on the Pricing Page.

  • What happens after the 30 days free trial is over?

    When the 30 days free trial period is over, User need to buy a subscription plan to continue using the services of IGIS Map Tool. If the user do not purchase any of the listed subscriptions on the last day of free trial, than

    • User’s maps will be switched offline.
    • User will be unable to access the Maps and data from their account.
    • Your subscription account will be put on hold until purchase of any subscription plan is done or user can apply for a 15 days extended Free Trial plan.

  • Can I extend my Free Trial Plan?

    No, you cannot extend your free trial yourself. If you think or want to have more time to try IGIS Map Tool, you can write to us or contact our Support team about it. The decision for extending any users free trial is dependent on the IGIS Map administration.

  • Do I have to take a long term subscription?

    No it's not compulsory to be in a long term contract. IGIS Map Tool offers two types subscription services, i.e. billed monthly and billed annually. For customers that prefer a long-term solutions, we offer annual billing option where you only need to pay for 10 months for a service of a year, please checkout the the Pricing Page.

  • What happens if I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel in the middle of a billing cycle?

    IGIS Map allows Upgrade, Downgrade or Cancellation of subscription plans immediately after user confirms a change in Subscription plan.

    For billing and price details during Upgrade or Downgrade in plan user can contact the IGIS Map Support.

    User can Cancel the billing cycle anytime he wants from the User Profile section of IGIS Map. User will not be getting any refunds when doing cancellation of the subscription plan.

  • How do I cancel my IGIS Map Tool Account?

    User can cancel their account at any time by sending an email to the IGIS Map Tool Support Team. Once canceled, your maps and data will be deleted from our servers.

  • What payment methods do IGIS Map accepts?

    We accept payment via 2checkout. Payments are processed via 2checkout, so you can be confident your transaction is secure.

  • Do IGIS Map take feature requests?

    Yes We do take feature requests as if a customer wants to add any additional features or storage in the Premium Plan, we can create a personalized custom plan for the customer. The cost of this Personalized custom plan depends on the customers demand.

    And as many current IGIS Map Tool features were driven by your feedback. We have a robust feature roadmap that guides IGIS Map Tool development, but we're always happy to hear how our customers are using IGIS Map Tool and how we can help solve our customers problems. If you have requests, ideas, or feedback, contact the IGIS Map Tool Support Team.

  • Where are my maps hosted?

    IGIS Map Tool uses DigitalOcean cloud services for all infrastructure. Map tiles generated from your data are served by DigitalOcean‘s fast content delivery network with worldwide distribution points to maximize delivery speeds.

  • Is My data secure?

    Your Data security is our first priority.

    The data that you upload into IGIS Map is not accessible to anyone else except the user who owns the account. User’s account login credentials are the only way to access the data.

    IGIS Map uses DigitalOcean infrastructure and take every step to keep our server highly secure. Data transfer is automatically secured with HTTPS.

  • Who can see your maps?

    Your maps are not accessible to anyone outside your account until they are shared publicly online. When map shared publicly external access to the maps can be decided by the user only. Maps can be publicly and privately.