Query Tool

Query and Analysis :

         Querying Dataset:

          Querying data in IGIS Map Tool allows user to explore your data with rule based queries. User can                    discover their features of interest contained within the map by querying.
          Features that are under the queried or filtered section are highlighted in the map and users are able              to view result in the form of table.Here are steps to be followed for querying the map.

  • Click on query tool under Map Tools:


  • After clicked on query tool, new pop will open.


  • Select the Layer. All the layers in your map are available in this section, you just need to select the layer in which you want to query in.   
  • Confirm a shape (circle , rectangle or polygon). IGIS Map Tool provides 3 shapes in which user can select and query their data with ease. User just need to select the shape and start drawing the following shape on the map to query the data.
  • Click on the Get result button after completely drawing the query shape.
  • Now user can view the queried features on the map portal.


  • User can now view the query result in the form of database table and can also download the data in the CSV format.
  • User can also save the queried layer as a new map by clicking on Save Layer button.