• Raster data is made up of pixels (also referred to as grid cells). They are usually regularly-spaced and square but they don’t have to be. Rasters often look pixelated because each pixel has its own value or class.
  • Click on add raster layer, new pop up will shown on screen, here user can upload files.
  • User can upload raster files of his format Geotiff (.geotiff, .tiff, .tif), Netcdf, HDF5, HDF, GRIB2, to publish on map.
  • Now IGIS Map Tool provides three options here on Upload Datasets, Google Drive and Dropbox.


  • To upload data from the local storage click on the Upload Dataset option.User can select the data files from google drive and your files will get uploaded in the IGIS Map Tool,To upload data from the DropBox storage please click on the DropBox option.
  • After choose any of three option, upload your file  and then click on upload file.
  • After clicked on upload file, data will published successfully on map as shown on below screen.