Style Layer

Add/Edit Style Layer :

 Each and every spatial geographic map can be edited in the map portal with different kind of styles.User can create different kind of maps here like these :

  • Click on the layer name you want to style or click on style, which will redirect you to the Edit layer style popup page.
  • Click on the Style Layer button as shown below on the Map portal.


       There are two options there - basic style and group style

  • Click on basic style  as shown on below screen.


  • After clicked on basic style, pop up will shown on screen.
  • User can change the opacity of the layer’s Fill and Outline Section.
  • User can change the line width, Border opacity and border color.
  • User can represent two types of line, Solid line and Dashed Line.
  • User can change the Dash length and Space length.
  • Click the Save Style button and see the change in style on the map portal.


  • User can do group styling also, Click on Group Style.


  • After clicked on group style, new pop up will shown on screen.
  • User can select the particular attribute from the Group by  dropdown which consist each attribute of the editing layer in it. You can select the attribute in which manner you want to categories the map.
  • By default each different value in the attribute will be given its own color from the selected color. If you wish to customise the color of any categories in the legend then you can change the color of the ramp in the fill section.
  • User can change the line width. You can change the border opacity and color of the ramp in the fill opacity section.