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Effortless Online GIS Mapping

Tool which makes Beautiful interactive web maps with powerful functionality that convey value and insights.

Industries IGIS Map Tool Serve In

Solution for fully featured maps creation and personalization at a single stop

Fast and Reliable

Supports Major file formats like netCDF and GeoTIFF.

No stress of coding.

Highly Secure

Map Sharing

Complete support and services for your maps and data with amazing features.

Simple data uploading and management

User can easily upload the data by simply drag and drop or with the help of google drive & dropBox accounts.

Users can upload their AutoCAD/GIS data in many formats like ShapeFiles, DXF, KML, GEOTIFF, GeoJSON, TopoJSON, NetCDF, HDF5, GRIB and all common Raster and vector format files.

Data insight visualization and collabration in minutes

Users can create interactive appealing maps of multiple layers with the help of map legends and transform the data into substantial visualizations that reveal patterns and insights of the data.

IGIS Map tool handles the collaboration and sharing of user’s data and maps privately and publicly with the help of cloud storage with all possible security aspect consideration.

Map customization for deeper perception of data

Your map in this tool can be customized in a large no. of ways without having to write any code or use any complicated software.

Customizing popup inserting texts, links, images and video is the most powerful ability of this tool and user can also create maps like Bubble maps, Heat maps and quantity Maps.

Sales territory mapping

IGIS Map Tool provides a web based business mapping tool used for sales territory management and mapping which include balancing and aligning the territories.

The advanced territory management features will help the user to visualize the current territories and realign or balance the territories quickly based on the sales potential in that area.

3D map creation

This tool provides creation of 3D maps without any add-on, which provides user a new way to visualize reality.

Rendering interactive 3D graphics can be possible with the JavaScript API and directly digitizing the object's height all in IGIS Map Tool.

Conversions IGISMAP Support

  • KML to SHP
  • SHP to KML
  • GML to KML
  • SHP to CSV
  • DXF to SHP
  • GeoJSON to TopoJSON
  • TopoJSON to GeoJSON
  • Shapefile to TopoJSON
  • TopoJSON to Shapefile
  • Shapefile to GeoJSON
  • KML to KMZ
  • CSV to SHP
  • TAB to KML
  • KMZ to GPX
  • GPX to KML
  • NetCDF to GeoTIFF
  • GRD to GeoTIFF
  • OSM to PBF
  • And many More

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